How To Maintain Your Car – Complete Guidance

One of the problem car owners have aside from the gas expenses of their car is with how to effectively maintain their vehicle and finally avoid going back and forth to the shop. Well, here is a list of mine on how to maintain your car and save money from all the repairs you’ve been spending.

Change your car’s oil regularly

This one is actually pretty common to everybody but the question is, when are we going to change our car’s oil? If you are going to through with your car’s oil package, you’d be able to read that their oil can lasts for up to 10,000 miles but as we know, this is only for advertisement purposes and if we are wise enough we wouldn’t bite this trick thus, avoiding getting our cars damaged.

Changing a car’s oil is actually every 4000 – 4500 miles that your car travels hence, if you are using a car that is being run by diesel or even those with turbocharged engines, you should change your oil more often.

Check your car’s fluid more often

If you are going to check on your car’s fluid, there are indeed a lot more fluids you have to check than you are expecting. Aside from the car’s gas, other fluid from the car is surely another lifeblood of the car just like with transmission fluid, brake fluid, power steering fluid and a lot more fluids which should be checked regularly or even weekly as much as possible.

Wax and wash your car regularly

Do you want to have the perfect looking car that won’t look old after using for a couple of years? Having it waxed and washed regularly can definitely help a car maintain its exterior look. Also, having a car that is regularly washed and waxed is appealing to the eyes of everybody thus; a good impression from your car is then achieved.

Aside from doing it regularly you should also choose the right products to use when waxing and washing your car. There are already a lot of products when it comes to car maintenance that can be found in the market today thus, we have to find the right one with good reviews and is credible.

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Don’t rely your car’s condition

Is your car undergoing a lot of repairs these past few days? If yo are going to a car shop more often for a car repair, make sure you are able to hire a reliable and trusted auto mechanic.

There are actually some instances that instead of getting your car fixed, there are still some auto mechanics that accidentally make things worst instead and as an owner who wants to save time and money, we should definitely avoid these by finding for a reliable auto mechanic and stick to them rather than trying auto mechanics we don’t know personally.

Always check your car’s lights

One of the most important part of car is the lights which is very helpful when night comes. Driving in the middle of nowhere with a burned-out lights is actually a nightmare for me. How can you continue driving without your car’s lights? So, if you wanted to avoid any accident and unwanted circumstances, checking your car’s lights is a part of your ‘must to do’ list especially if you’ll be traveling for a couple of hours.

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Maintaining a car on its optimum is indeed a hard task for us car owners but if we are just diligent enough to check on whatever has to be checked and replace everything that has to be replaced, I am sure you’ll be able to spend a lot more years with your car.

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