Toyota Corolla Fifth generation (E80; 1983–1987) Review

Toyota Corolla Fifth Generation

It is a sloping front bonnet and a contemporary sharp edged with no frill styles that were introduced in the month of May in the year 1983. The Corolla fifth generation was from 1983 till the 1987. The new 1839 cc 1C diesel engine was newly added to the wider range of the E80 series. From 1985, the re-badged E80 Sprinters were basically sold in the US as the fifth generation Chevrolet Nova. Fuel injection was introduced that served as an extra cost option internationally.

Front wheel drive layout

Most of the models now used the front wheel drive layout except the two models of AE85 and AE86. These two were supposed to be the last two Toyota Corollas offered in the rear wheel drive of the FR layout. The AE85 and the AE86 chassis codes were also used mostly for the sprinter or the Trueno model. The Sprinter model was almost similar to the Corolla, with some minor differences in the body styling changes including pop-up headlights and much more.

Introduction to the 5th generation wheel

The first from wheel drive Toyota Corolla was inducted with the 5th generation in the year 1984. It actually began in the year 1983 and rolled on to the year 1987. The SRS Coupe, lift back and the station wagon retained the 4rth generation rear drive chassis. The front drive Corolla was pretty conventional and has been in rear driver layout. The similar 1.6 liter SOHC engine was used in the rear-drive Corolla was positioned and coupled to a 5 speed manual or a 4 speed auto transmission.

The Toyota Australian story

In midway through 1984 model year, the rear-Corolla Coupe and the Lift back were offered a 16 valve version of 1.6 liter was rated at a robust 124 bph. The new resulting Corolla is now a classic of sorts. They are highly toss able and fun to drive. The DOHC engine, along with its front drive Corolla’s 5 speed transaxle, that serves as the drive train in the mid engine MR2, which came to Australia in the year 1985.

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