Types of Interior and Exterior Car Parts

The vehicle consists of different parts. For the vehicle to be called a car, its parts should be combined to create an automobile that can run efficiently and effectively. These are different pieces of the vehicle that are manufactured individually then used to build cars and repair damaged cars. To know better what are those car parts that can be salvage from scrap car, below will be the types of car parts.

Body Frame

The body frame is the main part of the vehicle. It is the skeleton of every vehicle where all other parts and components will be attached. Body frame is normally carbon sheet which gives a light-weight structure. It is also made to deal with the static and impact without any distortion and deformation. From the hood to the bumper, spoiler, rim, and trunk are considered to be part of the body frame. Windows and doors of the vehicle are an example of the body frame.

Electrical and Electronics

Every vehicle has an electrically-generated system. Nowadays, advanced vehicles have the latest electronics attached in the car for better performances. Electrical supply system includes the battery and voltage regulator. Lightning and signaling system is under the electrical parts consists of lighting and signaling devices. Electrical switches and starting system are one of the most important wiring of the vehicle.


The interior is the basic parts that you can see directly in the vehicle. Carpet, compartments, car seat, seat belt, and etc are an example of interior parts. These are the parts where the passengers can enjoy being inside. It is also important because every passenger must feel comfortable and safe inside the vehicle.

Engine and Chassis

These two parts are the main reason why the vehicle can run. It should be monitored always and in good condition. These do all the work when the vehicle is in the running condition. Engine components and parts are manufactured in detailed to make sure everything is in the proper place to perform a proper function. Vehicle owners must know how to maintain their engine in condition or how to improve its performance. This includes transmission system, suspension and steering system, fuel supply system, exhaust system, and engine oil system.


Minor parts but still remains important consist of the air bag, horn, mirror, name plate, sun visor, phone mount, and etc. one example is the air condition placed inside the vehicle. Another example would be air conditioning or compressor.

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