10 essential tips for car maintenance

We have gathered about 10 car maintenance tips for you to observe and practice on a daily basis for the good maintenance of your car. Spending a lot on cure is not a guide than spending a little on prevention.

We have enlisted all the necessary maintenance steps to make you enjoy your life and explore the world with excellent car conditions.

1.Check the pressure of the tires:

The facts that affect the fuel economy include tire pressure. The owner’s manual has everything mentioned in it about the tire pressure. Check your manual and maintain the tire pressure up to that. There are also some tools invented for checking the tire pressures. The tire pressure of your car should be checked every week while checking on a daily basis will assist you even more nicely.

2.Inspecting tread intensity:

Perfect tires are ones who function nicely in all the weather conditions, may it be wet, dry or cold, hot. Those extreme conditions bring the tire treads to play. If you observe your tires carefully there are tread patterns with wider patches, the purpose of such a construction is giving you a more functional rubber.

3.Drive belts:

The engine does not only empower the wheels of the to make the car run, but it also provides power to the other components of the vehicle to make its every part function. The function of drive belts is transferring power from your cam to the vehicle’s alternator, AC, compressor, steering, air+ water pump and all other components that need mechanical power to operate.

Car nowadays uses a single belt called a serpentine belt to connect the crank ring. As these belts are made of rubber, they damage a lot even when used normally.

4.Checking oil levels:

The vehicle’s engine consists of a lot of moving parts that generate function as they rub against each other. The friction develops heat which causes a reduction in the engine’s functioning. That’s why we should at least reduce the if we can’t remove it to ensure smooth functioning. Otherwise, the car continuously produces loud and cranky sounds.

5.Engine coolant level:

Everyone knows moving things generate heat. Oil in the engine reduces friction between the components and prevents it from getting so hot. The engine needs a system that prevents it from extra heat generated. This particular function is performed by the radiator. The fluid provided to the radiator function as engine coolant. If there is no radiator or if its not working efficiently it can result in overheating of the engine.

6.Fuel Economy:

Engine’s functioning gets affected by a lot of the parameters. An efficiently running engine burns the fuel at a steadier rate. While if the engine struggles to work nicely it burns more fuel. Burning more fluid means spending more money.

Most common reason for the increased fuel economy is tire pressure. If the alignment of your car’s tire disturbed, the engine would probably increase its outgoing power to put your car towards the road. Extra weight also leads to affect.

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7.Air filter replacement:

The efficient working of the engine depends upon the mixture of air fuel to initiate the process of combustion. The air used in combustion should be all cleaned and shouldn’t contain any dirt and debris. If not, it can lead you to an engine Misfire. Thus, the air filter should be replaced sooner whenever needed.

8.Spark plugs:

If your car’s engine misfires from time to time, then your engine might be in need of changing spark plugs. Some other reasons that alarm the spark plug replacement are;

  • Lack of acceleration of the car.
  • Facing trouble when starting your vehicle.
  • More fuel combustion than usual.
  • Engine surging

Replacing spark plugs is not that difficult task, one can replace it himself if he has the necessary tools available.

9.Battery terminals:

Keep checking the battery for any symptom of corrosion. If you notice any corrosion sign, take the cleaning brush (specifically designed for terminal cleaning) and knock out the hype. This will increase battery life and will play an important role in car maintenance.

  1. windshield wipers:

The windshield wipers perform the job of cleaning the windshield, which is your window to the outside world when you are inside the car. These are not so steady they damage a little faster than the other parts of the vehicle. But no worries, because they can be replaced easily.

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