Should You Wash Car Seat Covers in Washing Machine?

Although, technology makes everything easy for us there are some people who still prefer to work by hand? At the same place, some people don’t afford things like washing machine, stitching machine or other machines to do work within a few hours.

The blog is not about technology or machines but it is about a car. Yes, a car that is necessary for all but only a few can afford it. So, if you are a lucky one and have a car then obviously its maintenance will be your first responsibility. A car without its maintenance is just like a heavy burden for you because if you don’t spend time and some money on your vehicle then you could get trouble.

Try to spend some time and money on your vehicle so that you can be relaxed during a journey. The car maintenance is not totally dependent on its outer look but parts inside the car contain similar importance. So, try to keep maintenance of the whole car from inside and outside as well.

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The car seat is a very important part of a car. You look ugly if you don’t spend time on a car’s cleanness because sometime during a journey, your car’s seats become so dusty. Be careful about it. If car seat covers have a lot of dust inside then it can become a serious issue for your health.

Why it is important to wash a dusty car can make you noisy. When you need to wash your car then you should consider a car’s seat for washing. Now the question is how you will wash a car seat. This is a very simple process but very careful. You need to remove the car seat cover. How you should wash the seat cover.

Here are some protections that you need to take while washing the seat cover.

  • First of all, remove the car seat cover
  • After removing car seats, take snaps so that you can differentiate either you properly washed it or not
  • You should check the label on the seat covers because in this way you would know how to wash these covers.
  • Some companies allow machine-washing the covers while some restricted to hand-wash.
  • Wash the covers with warm water instead of cold water. Hot water will also be restricted for the car seat as it shrinks the covers.
  • Now dry the cover by keeping it on the flat surface. You can also use a clean cloth to keep first and then keep your car seat cover.

While Not Machine-Wash

There are many reasons that you should not use a machine to wash seat covers. One most important reason is that why you should not use the machine because by giving the machine cycle can shrink seat cover that will be big trouble for you.

As told that some companies allow for machine-wash but don’t keep it on a long cycle because in this way the seat cover grace and size can be affected. Use a short cycle for washing covers in the machine so that it could be in their original shape.

Coldwater is also harmful to the cover as it can be a helping hand for removing a stain. Similarly, don’t use any kind of detergent, bleach or another hard detergent. You should use mild soap for washing it.

If you are using a machine then don’t keep covers with other clothes but cycle it alone.

These are some basic things that you should need to remember because if you don’t take some time on it then it will be very difficult for you to get the original shape of the covers after washing them.

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