How to wash Car Seats?

Keeping a vehicle neat and clean will always attract people to its condition. This is not only is the reason that people attract your vehicle but a clean car makes a healthy environment for you and for your family.

If a place where you sit, either for a long or short time, it should be clean so don’t forget to clean car seats regularly. Similarly, if you have kids who go on different journeys with you then you should keep it in your mind about the cleaning of your vehicle form inside.

Some people don’t prefer to spend time cleaning a car from inside. They usually clean and wash a car from outside and that’s it. It is very important that you should be careful about your car’s condition.

From Whom You Get Help to Wash Car’s Seats

Some people don’t wash their car seats because they don’t know how to wash them. This is a very simple process for everyone to wash car seats. It is not even a long process that you have to spend a lot of time. But if you still don’t want to wash it by yourself then consider some companies to wash your car seat while washing and maintain your vehicle.

There are many companies that not only provide washing services for a vehicle form outside but they also offer car washing from inside by removing car seats as well.

So, if you are willing to wash car seats but don’t know about the process then here are some easy steps by following you can wash your vehicle seats very easily.

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Remove Seats Cover

First of all, to wash car seats, you need to remove seat covers so that you can wash them properly. Sometimes kids spend a lot of stains on the seat by eating or playing during a journey. Remove covers and hand-wash it.

How to Wash Seat Cover

  • After removing covers from car seats, hand-wash them instead of the washing machine because if you don’t hand-wash covers, it may shrink and don’t be fit on the seat again.
  • Wash covers with cold water and mild soap. Don’t use any kind of bleach on it so that it remains in its actual condition.
  • Always hand-wash the covers instead of machine-wash
  • After you wash the covers; dry it on a flat surface instead of using a dryer. If you use drier for covers, it may shrink the covers. So be careful and use sunlight to dry it.

By following these steps, you can properly wash the covers of your car seat.

Remove the Buckle

After removing seat covers, remove the buckle from the car seat. If you don’t know about how you will wash it then you should fully read this blog. Here are some important steps to wash the buckle.

How to Wash the Buckle

  • Always wash buckle with warm water and don’t use any detergent.
  • Don’t even soak it because it is not good for the buckle to soak it. Simple rinse it.
  • After rinsing the buckle, check it’s both sides if you hear a sound of click by inserting buckle tong then stop washing it.
  • If you don’t hear the click sound then wash it again. Sometimes dust inside the buckle side remains stuck so it needs to be wash again if you don’t hear the click sound.
  • After washing and confirming click sound, let you dry it with a clean cloth and attach it again with the car seat. Be careful because sometimes it does not properly dry and become the reason for corrosion.

Now you are done with the car seat washing process. If you want to dust seats then do it and then recover the seat. Although this is a very simple process be careful while following it. You should know how you will remove seat covers and buckle from the seat because it also has a very careful process.

If you don’t know about the car seat cover removal process then it could be difficult for you to remove the covers and buckle from the seat. In case you removed the cover and buckle then how will you attach them again with the seat? it should be known to you.

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