Things To Do When Selling Car To Wreckers

Are you selling your car into a car wrecker company and you wanted to prepare your car for everything? Preparing your car might seems easy but as you go over your car, you can see that there are still a lot of work to do and here are the things you should do before giving your car to the car wrecker:

Remove personal belongings

Of course you have to remove all your personal belongings inside the car. Being able to spend a number of years with your car means you have already invested a lot for it and that includes buying various decorations just to make it look nice and I am sure you wanted to save all of that for yourself.

Remove registration plates & get cash from remaining registration

Have you registered your car just recently? Well, you can actually get a refund from the registration of your car. A car registration actually costs a lot thus asking a refund is a good thing to do but before you can get the refund, you still have to give them your registration number plates that’s why it is very important to get you plates before giving your car to the car wrecker company. Unable to give your registration number plates to them may cause you some fines which I am sure you don’t want to pay.

Remove e-tag

Your car’s e-tag should also be removed when selling your car to a car wrecker. An e-tag is a collection system that is used in the toll ways in Australia that is why it is a very important belonging that you should remove from your car.

You can easily remove your car’s e-tag through gripping the e-tag and its holder with your one hand and twist it from left to right until the glue used loosens up. You can then turn it firmly in one direction and don’t forget to remove the remaining residue with a window cleaner and cloth.

Remove cosmetic parts

It is also a good idea that you remove other cosmetic parts of your car such as the CD player or the woofer. Some parts of your car may seem to be useless but you can actually make use of them in the future or may want to sell them for some extra money.

Don’t fix mechanical problems

Since you are selling your car to a car wrecker company, you don’t need to have it fixed anymore. A lot of car wrecker companies dismantle cars and I am sure you don’t have to put all your effort and money from fixing your car’s mechanical problems to nothing.

End up your insurance policy

One of the biggest costs your car is causing you is its insurance policy and ending or cutting it up can indeed save you a lot of money. You can easily end up your car’s insurance policy through visiting the insurance company.

Change good tyres with old ones and sell them privately

You may be able to have your car’s tires customized for a nicer one compared to its old tyres then you should remove it already and put the old tires back. A car’s tyres can be certainly sold for a good price especially if it’s still new and that’s also a good money aside from what you will be earning from the car wrecker.

Getting your car ready for pick up may be hassle but as you go over your car, you can see that there are still a lot of things inside or even outside the car which you can still use. So, always have the tenacity in you and do it now.

If you think your car is in good condition and is of late model, then you can call to cash for cars companies in order to get more. Otherwise if your vehicle is old, and you are failed to sell it privately then Melbourne Car Wrecker and dismantlers are best place to off load your vehicle.