KIA Stinger’s GT speed and affordability makes it stand out in the crowd


Affordable and fast

This is an affordable and a cheap sports sedan, also called the Stinger GT and is the future of a Kia. It is a combination of 272-kW twin turbo V6-engine, a rear wheel drive and at a price of only $50,000 that looks promising. We have a lot of expectations from the car and ask ourselves – can it deliver? The answer is that there is no other Kia like the Kia Stinger GT as it tackles the ‘Green Hell’ and shows that its one hell of a car. It runs like magic on the 20.8km circuit.


Sports sedan attributes

The 3.3liter V6 twin turbo charged Stinger GT is a much vaunted and much anticipated affordable rear wheel sports sedan car that not only survived the track while driving, but also drove pretty comfortably in the end. It can surely cope well with the rise and fall, the closing and the opening of the radii corner, the off cambers and high speed commitment. In the end this is a much awaited and an affordable sporty hatch. Although this is a great sports sedan, it’s not coming to Australia yet. Such things cannot be predicted by a brief taste.

Ring Mastered

A few more laps would be good, but the time and schedule did not allow it. These are mostly pre-produced stingers and there is very less chance for them to be driven around on the road. The local launch is scheduled in the late month of August, where it will get a proper assessment of the six model stinger range.


Solid building blocks

The lambda II V6 twin turbo engine is quite strong. It can achieve 4.9second 0-100km/h time, due to the synthesized audio piped through the speakers. Kia Australia has its own optional bi-modal exhaust developed. The Kia has an eight speed transmission is a smooth shifter in manual mode and will also change into 6500rpm redline when it is operated with the steering wheel mounted flappy paddles.

A step up

It is also a step up when it comes to presentation and quality from Kia. The exterior portion is very much of a personal choice, but is original and imposing. The total cab back body proportions are ok but some of the intricate details seem to be too cluttered. It may be somewhat fussy in the front portion of the car. There might also be a contrived meeting of lines right around its C-pillar that finishes off with four exhaust outlets and a diffuser.

The car was built with sporting intentions in mind. You have to sit inside the cockpit and squeeze your way into the sports seats. This stinger has a traditional look and two main analogue dials in the instrumental panel. There are three vents across the center in the dashboard and have speakers in the door if this Kia was built at the Frankfurt tech center in Germany. There is also an eight inch touch screen, a flat bottomed steering wheel and some storage space in the front. At rear, there is enough foot and knee room for adults. It also has a low luggage area with 406 liters of stowage.