How Much Would A Car Wrecker Pay For Your Car?

Every car owner has wondered that whether or not he should sell his car for cash. No matter you are trying to get an upgrade on your auto or wanting to get rid of a junk car, the big question always remains the same. How much cash will a wrecker company offer? Well, there are [...]

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RECYCLING AUTOMOTIVES – The Eco-friendly Solution

It has been an established fact that we are at the verge of global warming. Producing more waste than ever and its improper disposal is creating more problems. All waste improperly disposed will cause greater problems in the long run. Same goes with the automobiles and their disposal. Unfortunately, many car owners still have no [...]

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Subaru developing new technology to detect driver heart attacks

New technology to detect heart attacks in car In a major incident, a driver suffered a heart attack, when his cab hurled onto the footpath and slammed into the young girl. While the girl survived the crash miraculously, this incident brought into limelight the potential dangers of having a cardiac arrest for all kinds of [...]

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KIA Stinger’s GT speed and affordability makes it stand out in the crowd

Affordable and fastThis is an affordable and a cheap sports sedan, also called the Stinger GT and is the future of a Kia. It is a combination of 272-kW twin turbo V6-engine, a rear wheel drive and at a price of only $50,000 that looks promising. We have a lot of expectations from the car [...]

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Lexus ES350 review

Some of the positives include contemporary styling inside out and all the luxury kit is quite standard, superbly built with great quality, sublime comfort ride, superb noise insulation, and better on road dynamics, limo style cabin space and smooth drive train. Negatives might include interior that lacks the polish of European rivals, there is remote [...]

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